Our Mission

Inde Creative is a nonprofit organization that uses creativity to
empower and equip entrepreneurs in developing nations. 

Nearly half of the world’s population lives in poverty and more than a billion people live in extreme poverty.  That’s a lot of people, with a lot of potential!  Unfortunately, factors like discrimination and inequality keep people poor and prevent access to resources and opportunities that allow for economic progress.  Poverty becomes a trap and accumulating capital or acquiring the resources necessary to move out of poverty proves to be nearly impossible. 

The good news is, economic development is a solution that works and people affected by poverty throughout the world are just a step away from the chance to change their circumstances.  They just need enough support to get their foot on the path to development and they become their own agents of success.

As part of a global community focused on alleviating poverty, Inde Creative works toward the goal of helping people get their foot on the path of development.  We start by identifying potential economic opportunities in a community and work together with passionate local entrepreneurs to support the development and promotion of their unique and viable ideas.  Through our creative services we supply the tools, resources and training that empower and equip people to drive the growth of their businesses and create opportunities to thrive. 

Our generation can choose to end poverty.  It can happen in our time and that’s awesome power.  But, it requires choice.  We have to make a decision to help.  We know that economic development works and that it has a self-sustaining nature that creates more growth and opportunity.  It is a practical solution and at Inde Creative we’re doing our part in making sure people have the chance to climb the ladder of development.  Now, you have to decide what you’re going to do.