We’re a small grassroots organization with a passion for personal connection, tangible impact, and hands-on work in the field. 


Project Based

We work on one project at a time to focus on meeting needs, ensuring impact and maximizing development potential. 


Development Focused

Economic development is a practical solution to poverty. Our projects aim to get entrepreneurs on the development path. 



Our Apporach

We approach each one of our development projects guided by our four principles; people, places, passion, and purpose.   They help direct our selection process, make sure our projects are successful,  and keep us on track to accomplishing our mission.   



We focus on people first before projects, building a relationship and connection that ensures successful collaboration. 



 We prioritize hard-to-reach places and marginalized areas where people lack access to resources and services.  



We’re passionate about what we do, and look to serve people that share our value of passion for work and life. 



We believe in living a life of purpose and want our work to have a meaningful impact that makes a difference in the world.  


Leadership Team 


Bryson Adams

Bryson founded Inde Creative in 2014 and serves as President and CEO, managing the organization's development projects.  His inspiration for Inde Creative came from a desire to combine his passion for making a difference in the world, with his enthusiasm for creativity.  The result was the simple idea of using creativity for good.  Prior to Inde Creative, Bryson was first an educator in California and later worked in the field of international development focusing on education and service related projects.  He is happiest in the great outdoors, and enjoys anything that keeps his body and mind active. 

Courtney Barrett

Coco serves as Inde Creative’s Board Treasurer and CFO.  She is the National Director in Nicaragua for a service-learning nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the education of underserved children in Latin America.  Prior to her international development work, Coco worked with the Bob Rumble Centre for the Deaf in Toronto.  Coco loves animals, enjoys the beauty of nature and the outdoors, and has a passion for community and service work. 

Tony Pacheco

Tony serves as Board Secretary for Inde Creative and brings his enthusiasm for giving back, and passion for eduction to the organization.  He’s an exuberant instructor at Modesto Junior College in California where he is actively involved in campus life and is a socially-conscious leader in his community.  Tony is a proud Salvadorian-American whose family immigrated to the United States due to the civil war in the 1980s.  Tony loves the Spanish language and culture, and has traveled all over the Spanish speaking world. 

Elizabeth Watts

Elizabeth is on the Board of Directors for Inde Creative and brings a wide variety of international service work to the organization.  She’s a passionate health-care provider in Kentucky, and has volunteered as a physician assistant on medical service teams in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Ecuador, working to expand access to healthcare through community based health and development projects.  She has also volunteered for education and development focused NGOs in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Kenya.  She enjoys volunteer work, being active in her community, and spending time with her family.