What We Do

Inde Creative focuses on economic development as a practical solution to poverty and works toward the goal of helping passionate entrepreneurs in developing nations move up the ladder of progress.  We work directly with entrepreneurs, identify needs, create a plan together, then connect donors to fund projects that provide the tools and resources needed to successfully promote and grow their businesses. 
Here’s how it works...  


Identifying Local Needs

Meet María.  She’s a mother of three from a low-income community in Honduras, with a dream of creating her own bakery business that produces wholesome products from locally sourced ingredients with natural flavors and no preservatives.  María is passionate and hardworking, and although she is able to get her bakery idea started from her home, she’s struggling to promote and grow her brand into a successful business.  She has limited access to resources, and can’t afford marketing services and materials. She feels stuck. 


Creating a Plan Together

Inde Creative learns about María’s story from a local agency working in the area.  Inde Creative contacts María and meets with her to see how to support the development of her dream bakery.  Together they come up with a comprehensive plan that provides María with the services, materials and training she needs to successfully brand and market her business, engage with customers, provide development in her community, and create additional avenues of income related to her passion for healthy baking.  Excited about María's potential, her project is posted to Inde Creative’s website.   


Connecting Supporters 

Enthusiastic, socially conscious citizens who share a passion for making a difference in the world see María's project posted on the website.  Eager to see the success of María and her bakery idea, they fund the project through generous donations that provide the tools, resources, and training to empower María on her path to making her dream a reality. 


Sustainable Impact

With a comprehensive, custom-tailored development package, including tools and resources like a creative logo design, a professional website,  and custom aprons, people easily recognize and identify María’s bakery and her products. And thanks to the added support of a donated smartphone, she has access to the internet to manage a social media presence, monitor her TripAdvisor listing, and successfully promote her business.  She makes enough money to support her family and send her children to school.  As her business grows, she creates additional jobs and economic development in her community.  María's story serves as an inspiration to others, the word spreads, and more people get involved with doing good in the world.