How it Works


Book Production

Inde Creatives tells the story of the courageous women weavers from El Chile, documenting the history and process of Nicaraguan weaving in a full-color coffee table book. 


Donor Support

Passionate donors are connected to the project through Inde Creative's website and fund the production and publication of the book. 


Book Distribution

Complimentary copies of the book are distributed to coffee shops, hotels, eco-lodges, museums, libraries, and universities throughout Nicaragua to promote indigenous weaving, drive tourism to the El Chile community, and stimulate economic development in the area. 

Book Sales

Books are sold at the indigenous weaving cooperatives in the El Chile community, and at participating locations throughout Nicaragua that support the development project. 


Proceeds Donated

Proceeds from book sales are donated to the development and promotion of indigenous weaving in Nicaragua, and the El Chile community.